For many years Lusia Glagoleva has been successfully combining her work as an instructor, Professor of Special Piano at Musical Colleges, Conservatory, and Institutes with her concert appearances.

Lusia Glagoleva has performed with numerous international symphonies and solo recitals. She has performed with Tambov Symphony Orchestra, Donetsk Symphony Orchestra, National Symphony Orchestra, Atlanta Philharmonic Orchestra.

Lusia’s playing style possesses bright individuality, confidence, and courage, and has a palette of senses and sounds. Understanding of musical interpretations demands a great intellectual strain, and Lusia’s thorough analysis of each work’s content is evident as every detail of her playing bears a structural and conceptual load.

Glagoleva’s teaching expertise is impressive, as she always works on a high professional level and has earned the respect of many. Her lessons are interesting as well as substantial. She always plans a curriculum for each individual student, finding the best methods of performing and creative understanding of his/her specific personality and aptitudes. Lusia’s lessons are always executed with elation.

Many young musicians have studied under Glagoleva during her teaching at Musical Colleges and Conservatory. Many of these students have themselves become laureates and diploma winners of various competitions. In several such competitions Glagoleva has also served as a Jury Member.

Selected appearances:

-“Open Concert  for Peace and Harmony” with  2nd Concerto in c minor by S.Rachmaninov “
-The Memorial Concert for 911 Victims” with Atlanta New Philharmonic Orchestra in Gwinnette Civic Center (Triple Concerto by L.Beethoven)
-Remagen Festival, Germany
-Rachmaninov International Piano Courses, Russia (1996-2006)
-Beethoven Festival, Regina-Vladimir Horovitz Memoriam, for National Women’s Conference
-Military Intelligence Company (CEW)
-Asian American Resource Center
-Chamber Recitals with violinist Karen Thehos, flutists Sang Un Song, Ludmila Shershneva, soprano Sarah Pak
-Atlanta TV appearance with  vocalist Richard Liszt.