Lusia Glagoleva began studying the piano at four yeas of age and by age five she was enrolled in the Special Musical School. After ten years in the Musical School, Lusia continued her education in Sergey Rachmaninov  Musical college, where she studied piano with her father, Professor of Piano, Sergei Glagolev. She also pursued a second degree, which she finised, in the department of Theory and History of Music.  

Sergei Glagolev was a well-respected  and  renowned artist, a brilliant pianist and conductor. He was a student of great Henrich Neihaus and Leonid Brumberg (Professor of Musical Acadamy in Vienna). For many years he had been a Dean at one of the oldest Musical College. Great Russian and world famous artists were heard on its stage. Sergei Rachmaninov had been there as an Inspector of Russian Emperor Musical Society. In his estate “Ivanovka”, not so far from Tambov, according  to him, wrote many of his best compositions and spent the most fruitful period of his life.

For a long period of time, Rachmaminov’s name was under prohibition in Soviet Union. Rachmaninov College  received  it’s name after long years of fighting between the Dean Sergei Glagolev with the Ministry of Culture in the communist Soviet Union. But Rachmaninov’s spirit, atmosphere of his music, and his personality made a huge influence on young musicians and culture life of college and the city. Yearly Spring travels to Ivanovka, where musicians of all generations took part in festivals and recitals with flowering lilac around, were unforgettable!

The next level of Lusia’s education was at the Prokofiev Conservatory, in Ukraine, where she worked with Professor of Piano and a Chairman of  Piano Department, Mr. Chananaev, who was the best student of Sergei Glagolev. 

After five years in the Conservatory she was selected as one of few candidates for Post-Graduate Study in Saratov Conservatory, Russia. Her professor there was Anatoly Katz,famous concerto pianist, pedagogue, who gives recitals and Master Classes around the world (festivals in Kalmar, France; Rome, Italy; Barcelona, Spain; South Korea, Seoul) and a permanent jury member of many International Piano Competitions. At the same time Lusia Glagoleva was invited to be a Faculty Member of  Rachmaninov College and some years later she became Associate Professor  in Prokofiev Conservatory.

In 1994 Lusia has moved to Atlanta, United States.

From her American  Resume:
Georgia Christian University , Adjunct Professor of Piano Performance
Private Piano Lessons
Parkway Baptist Church, Duluth, Pianist
Atlanta Conservatory, Faculty Member
Gwinnett School of Music, Faculty Member
Center of Performing Arts, Snellville, Faculty Member
German Church of Atlanta, Organist, Pianist
Member of MTNA, American Federation of Musicians, Rachmaninov Society